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Monday, August 1, 2016

"Let's make The Cosmic Garden Island great again-Smoking in Cars ain't what it used to be..." 'James "Kim' Rosen (Kimo's world #140)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Obama Da Dog!
Kimo's world #140~Blog #1817
Let's make The Cosmic Garden Island great again
Smoking in Cars ain't what it used to be...

I believe Arryl  Kaneshiro is the only county council member who got it right on bill # 2629 which prohibits smoking in cars with children under the age of 13. The vote was 6-1 with councilman  Kaneshiro  the dissenting vote. Mr. Kaneshiro on this move alone has earned my respect and vote for re-election.
Thank you for not smoking with minors in car-TGI article-07-21-16- (Read as background)
I thought this was a joke when I first read it. When I was a kid my dad smoked big cigars and my mom smoked cigarettes in their cars. When the smoke bothered us kids they rolled the windows down.

 I have never smoked as an adult, however when I was a kid of 11, 12 and 13 I smoked. What happens if a 12 year old is caught smoking in a car?

This law is insanely ridiculous,where does government stop? I believe this law is unconstitutional.  I am not a lawyer but how can you prohibit an adult from smoking tobacco in their own automobile? If I were a smoker and had young kids I would challenge this bill. Public places like restaurants, bars, movie theaters are different.

A few years back the council voted against banning outdoor fires and BBQ's that sent smoke into neighboring yards making it hard for many with respiratory  problems. How is this car thing any different and why should government be monitoring what we do in our cars as long as it's legal?

What's next getting a ticket for breaking wind with rolled up windows in your car because someone could die of the stench? This may sound ridiculous, so is bill #2629. 

Council needs to concentrate their efforts on important things like  more roads, affordable housing and homelessness. I could care less whose smoking a cigarette in their car. If it bothers someone,roll down the dam window!

Maybe the council could bring to the floor for first reading a bill that would ban Monster pickup trucks with tinted windows from tailgating while those inside the truck are not only smoking smoking cigarettes but smoking pot, drinking beer, talking on their cell phones, eating fast food, all while nobody is able to look in.   Maybe this would be a bill worthy of making into law? (LOL)

There are many new people running for county council. Change is obviously needed from an incompetent county council as seen from bill #2629. Please consider the new voices and study their bios that will appear in the coming weeks in TGI. Vote for the issues, vote for a better Kauai! I will be voting all new newbies and for 2 incumbents that will hopefully 'trump' (sic) all others currently serving.

"Let's make The Cosmic Garden Island great again."

Editors note;
This blog also appeared as an opinion article on July 27,2016
in The Garden Island News;

Hana Hou, Encore!


Kit Ellison said...

You know you can try to "Trump" the election all you want I'm still voting for my lovely candidate and her running mate. Grumpy Cat for 2016 and her vice Lil Bub!!!

KimoRosen said...

They are saying it will be the Superbowl of debates!

Kit Ellison said...

Yeah! This hates who's what worse!!!

Arryl Kaneshiro said...

Thank you Kimo for the support. I saw the article in the letter to the editor last week.

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

The US is 3rd world country compared to Singapore,we have much to learn from Gun control to smoking to protect the public !!! No-smoking rules in Singapore

If you are a smoker, you should be aware of the smoking restrictions in Singapore, including the minimum legal age and the places where smoking is banned.

Smoking offences in Singapore

Underage smokingUnderage smoking
Smoking under the age of 18 is an offence in Singapore.

Convicted persons are liable to a fine of up to $300

Prohibited areasProhibited areas
Smoking is not allowed in most indoor locations in Singapore. However, certain premises have designated areas for smoking.

Smokers are liable to a composition sum of $200 if caught smoking in prohibited places, or up to $1,000 if convicted in court.

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert said...

That is a great letter. You had us laughing. The absurdity of what is important in Kauai. Meanwhile they should have much more important issue and they make stupid bills like this. How about making a bill allowing how many dogs you can have on a certain size of property that greatly impacts your neighbors peace and quite! The stupidity there is just amazing!

Ron "Martini" Ostroff said...

Yeah. Next they will make it illegal to serve alcohol to minors in your own home. Oh? It's already illegal ? Why is that ? It's a health issue. And don't get me started about seat belts!!

KimoRosen said...

What about seat belts. Here in Hawaii, you can ride legally in the bed of a pickup truck without a seat-belt or on a school bus or public bus without a seat belt.-only the driver is required. Yet if your in your own car you will be ticketed for not wearing a seat-belt. OY!

Ron "Martini" Ostroff said...

third world stuff

Melinda Kontos said...

Right on. Too much n as nanny state.

Roger Dean said...

The harder we try to live forever, the closer we get to killing ourselves off. We make lousy gods.

Harmony Bentosino said...

I think when you consider the harm that 2nd hand smoke can do to children, I don't think the law is a bad idea.

KimoRosen said...

May not be a bad idea, but can you imagine a cop stopping a car with a dad smoking and he sees what he believes are two kids under 12 years old in the back seat? The cop stops the car asks the dad for license and registration and btw kids I need to see your birth certificates? When is enough enough? The police have priorities more important than this. I cannot see this law being enforced.

Linda Meyers said...

We have laws like this already though, kids have to be a certain age to ride in the front, to use a booster seat, etc.

KimoRosen said...

How about a law not allowing you to eat pepperoni pizza in your car while Vegans are in the back seat? Sound ridiculous? So is not allowing smoking in a car that you own outright-100%_ free and clear, even if there is a kid in the car. Enough already. Kids can't even walk or ride their bikes to school anymore. Mommy and Daddy need to drop them off and pick them up. When I was a kid...

Ron "Martini" Ostroff said...

Yeah. Next you won't be able to drink alcohol while you drive or give your kid a beer when you drive or...,

KimoRosen said...

Terrible example? Alcohol is illegal to drink in a motor vehicle, cigarettes and tobacco products are not. The point being is--- Too much Government---No eating pepperoni pizza while Vegans are in the car. They may croak from the smell of the pork. Sound ridiculous? it is, just like bill #2629--- ;-)

Harmony Bentosino said...

Bad analogy. Vegans are not forced to inhale pepperoni pizza. Smelling it is not the same as inhaling it!

KimoRosen said...

Sure they are, if there sitting in the car with a steaming out of the oven pizza with the windows rolled up!