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Sunday, October 31, 2010

"The audacity..."

The audacity of a few gas stations on our cosmic island, charging for radiator water and air for inflation of tires.

I do not drive often, therefore I have not been to a gas station in quite a while. Most the time I take a bus or ride my bike for transportation.

This past week I was horrified after going to a local gas station with a friend and seeing the water and air pumps connected up to a change machine, charging seventy five cents for air, and another seventy five cents for water.

When I was a young man, they had service stations, you would drive into a gas station, they filled you up, washed your windshield, checked your tire pressure, checked your oil levels and said thank you, come again.

Now you go to a self service station, no mechanics anywhere, making you fill up your gas tank on your own and when finished having to walk into a quick save store where they hope to gouge you five dollars for a bag of chips.

Filling a gas tank can cost fifty dollars or more, is it to much to ask for a little air for a flat tire?

What's next charging to use the squeegee to wash your windshield, wait they didn't even provide a squeegee.

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