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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Don't I know you...?

Many of us including myself have become victims of para-social behavior.
We watch "Wheel of Fortune," "Hawaii Five-O," "Jerry Springer," "Jay Leno," "Oprah" and the list goes on.

We become familiar with our favorite TV personalities,even our elected officials and feel we know them. We can now follow our favorite celebrities on Face-book, My-space and Twitter and feel like they are our best friends.

This par-social behavior has created a generation of self serving narcissists that do not have many friends or much of a social life, not because they are shy but Because they feel this is their circle of friendship and social activities.

Just as I feel all of you reading this are my good friends, I know this is really not true, but like many have fallen victim to the Para-social phenomenon.

Don't I know you?

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