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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"What's wrong with profiling...?"

It's pure capitalism, convincing the American people they need to show their family jewels by means of a full body scan while lining the pockets of wall street executives.

In Israel the most dangerous airport in the world there are no full body scanners.

Would president Obama submit his wife, children and mother in-law to full body scans or body pat downs?

Why are we making everyone from from grandmothers to children go through body scans and pat downs as though we are all criminals?

How many people who have been convicted of terrorism fit the profile of your mother, father, sister, brother or cousin?

Every terrorist I recollect had had a certain profile, why are we making everyone suffer?

Bring back profiling, in the meantime, men pop a Viagra before going through airport security and give them something enormous to contemplate.

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