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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Public servant, do what is pono! (righteous)..."

County council members need to represent the people that elected them.

Salaries are extravagant at $56,000.00 a year,(the chair at $63,000.00) approximately $500.00 a month car allowance and health-care most would sacrifice their mother-in-law for.

The seven council members by law have only one requirement, that is to attend the weekly Wednesday meetings.

There current management of the way the council handles our concerns is in a carte blanch system of dis-array.

There needs to be a territorial factor where each of our county council people would represent a section of the island, similar to the senate and congress but on a local level.

Back in the 1990's county council members made $12.00 per hour, currently they make in access of over $1,000.00 per meeting, this is criminal for a part time job as a "public servant."

It's time we hold our public servants accountable, remember we pay their salaries and they work for us.

Most our council members are retired with a nice pension or have professional jobs where they do quite well, may I recommend while budgets are being slashed across the board that our public servants do what is pono and revert back to the good ole days of being public servants with humble salaries or even volunteering.

There is a frequent contributor to this forum who ran for mayor in 2008 and promised if he won the election he would donate his salary of 107,000.00 to charity. It's a shame more politicians cannot think outside the box. Rolf Bieber was that candidate and although we don't agree on all issues Rolf is my kine (sic) of politician!

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