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Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Christmas envy..."

Growing up in a Jewish home was not the norm to listen to Christmas music, in fact it was taboo.

Whenever "Silent Night" or any Christmas carol came on the radio I immediately suffered an episode of Christmas envy. Many Jewish children suffer from this syndrome 'CES' (Christmas Envy Syndrome). Christmas envy is where you wish you were Christian and able to celebrate Christmas in the open and not in the closet.

Little girls suffer from the freudian syndrome of penis envy, myself and many Jews suffer from Christmas envy, and some of us suffer both forms of envy.

As an adult I can pick and choose what i listen to and not bound by what my parents believed. I enjoy Christmas music but deep inside always feel guilty for listening to it.

It's like falling in love with someone of another religion and marrying them. You combine your beliefs and realize Christmas envy does not need therapy

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