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Friday, December 17, 2010

"My doctor, my friend..."

Living outdoors for numerous years with multiple medical complications was taking it's toll.

Dr. Gary Blaich came to visit me at what I called home, which was a tent, clothes line and a single burner propane stove with a makeshift outhouse.
Dr. Blaich made one feel right, you felt good about yourself after talking story with Dr. Blaich. He was the feel good drug within, his presence alone made one feel like life was worth living.

Dr. Blaich's office was a small one room place, he was a one man band, being the receptionist, secretary, manager and resident Psychiatrist. The waiting room consisted of a few benches outside in the elements of fresh air and open sky with the aroma of plumeria from potted plants encompassing his office.

He listened to every one's demons even while going through radiation and chemotherapy. He was there for his patients. It gave one a humbling experience releasing your quandaries in therapy with a man braving a terminal illness. I am not a hugging type of person, however Dr. Blaich and myself always ended our sessions with a hug.

Dr. Blaich, OK, Gary, passed away on Thanksgiving day, such an appropriate day for man with so much character and empathy.

My doctor , my friend, your legend lives on.

your friend, your patient. Aloha Kakou, Mahalo Nui Loa and A Hui Hou.

1 comment:

Sam Rose said...

He sounds like a true healer. I'm sorry for your loss and may he rest in peace.