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Sunday, March 20, 2011

"a fowl situation...!"

The chicken situation on Kauai is starting to smell foul. Thousands of wild chickens not only crowing at the crack of Dawn but at the crack of everyone's behind.

The sound is annoying as is the sound of gas and electric powered lawn mowers, weed-whackers, and weed-blowers going off constantly.

Noise pollution is out there as much as air pollution, litter, and polluted ocean waters.

The chicken problem is the one that is most easily remedied. I would take a crowing rooster over my neighbor using a leaf-blower, weed-whacker or any power tool for that matter.

Time to make chicken soup with Matzo balls out of a fowl situation.

Here's a simple solution to the overpopulated loud roosting chickens;

Somebody needs to start a dog and cat food company with chicken as the main ingredient. The chickens are free to harvest island-wide and the company would be hailed a saviour for controlling a noisy tormenting fowl situation.

eeer, eeer, eeer , eeer ,eeer!

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