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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mahalos Ken Taylor and Léo Azambuja !

Editor's note, for those not living on Kauai please read the enclosed article if you wish to understand this blog.  Aloha

The Garden island news recent article, "County agrees to $250K settlement with shrimp farm" is another fine example on why government has gone broke. We need to start electing people to public office who are educated and have brains.

Mahalos and thank G-d for Ken Taylor one of our county watchmen, Ken questioned a $250,000 settlement that had never gone public and wanted answers concerning this matter in a recent council meeting after Garden island  assistant editor Léo Azambuja brought this situation to the table with his award winning reporting!

Our council needs to grow a set of golf balls, every-time a potential law-suit comes up, they settle and try to keep it quiet because they say, "it's cheaper than going to court." We have a full time county attorney with a staff that should be capable of "winning"without bringing outside help, that's why we hired a county attorney in the first place.

It seems there will soon be a waiting line of people and business's filing claims that may not even be true to be able to live happily every after with taxpayer monies if this behaviour is not eradicated

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