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Monday, April 4, 2011

"When your water cup runs dry..."

There are some restaurants mainly fast food establishments that have soda pop dispensers within the restaurant thereby enabling a patron to refill their drinks endlessly.

How many people order H2o on the rocks initially and for the refills are tempted to fill their cup with soda?

I like to sit at the local Taco Bell and watch the people who have ordered water only to fill their cups with soda when their cup runs dry.

My observation has not  been the struggling families with kids who do this, in fact I see many families order a large drink for everyone which in itself makes no sense, since why not order a small since it's cheaper and refillable?

The ones I observe most often pouring soda into their small water-cups are the ones who appear to have money and a strong presence in the community.

Remember when your H2O runs out there's always soda pop unless of course your one of the righteous ones.

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