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Friday, April 1, 2011

"Your Fired...!"

President's, Governor's, Mayor's, Congress, Senate and down to local county and city councils are filled with egotistical liars that think their bowel movements don't smell.

Republican, Democratic, Independent or teabagger all need to do one thing and take voluntary pay-cuts.

Most politicians make much more than their counterparts in the private sector and have tenfold the benefits of most working class Americans.

If Politicians were to take price-cuts and if American Corporations had incentives to keep their corporate headquarters in America instead of hiding behind a Post office box in Zug Switzerland thus avoiding paying billions in taxes we would not have a financial meltdown but rather a strong economic base.

Corporations need to pay their taxes in the United States. The United states needs to take care of it's own before going off and fighting in 3 wars and politicians must start leading by example.

Because of the current world situation,President Obama's ratings are at an all time low. The people of Kenya are actually accusing him of being born in the United states.

Jokes aside, I hate to admit this but I think Donald Trump may be the best potential GOP candidate for 2012!

I believe President Obama to be a good man but feel Donald Trump may soon be telling him, "Your fired."

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