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Monday, March 19, 2012

"Quit hiding behind screen names..."‏ 'Obama Da Dog'

Most publications have comment boards, where you can interact with any story online. Many of the commenter's hide behind screen names acting as bullies and degrading people. It's time to stop to this madness.
a similar version of this blog appeared as an opinion article in the 06-07-12 edition  of the Kaua'i Garden News;"Comments getting rough..."
Comment boards are a common commodity in most publications these days. 

Many comment boards have become nothing more than a major headache with the possibilities of  numerous law-suits for slander, libel, which hunts and words I never heard in the bible. Many comments would not be made if a person  had to identify themselves.

Commenter's need to quit hiding behind screen names and monikers and be held to the same high scrutiny that the Letter's to the editor writer's are accountable for. What's so hard about making your point using proper etiquette verses bullying, name calling and degrading others?  

For  most publications to consider a letter for publication you need to send along with your writings, your name, address, phone number and email. ( why not require the same for commenter's?) 

Many periodicals will verify a letter of interest with a follow up phone call. The reason is obvious, if they didn't anyone could write something and submit it with someone else's name causing all kinds of problems , legal and otherwise.

Comment boards have become so cruel and depressing, they are the cancer of publications. It's time to implement a better way to comment, let it begin, or better yet, let it end.
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