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Monday, April 2, 2012

"Rest in Peace..." "Obama da Dog"

"Obama da Dog discusses the expression 'Rest in peace,' and wishes everyone to rest in peace!"
Rest in peace is an expression we say  of the dead. We may say, "may so and so rest in peace," after they have expired their life on earth.

I believe it is a phrase that should be used on the living. instead of  saying goodnight or what's happening why not say "rest in peace?"

When  someone is  tired we should be able to say in 'rest in peace.' Instead of saying sweet dreams, good night, see you in the morning, why not say rest in peace?

In the near future  we will examine the phrase 'Have a good one' until that time rest in peace and have a good one.

Editor's note, Dakinetalk guest bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of dakinetalk. Guest bloggers are given space to express their beliefs and or opinions. We feel there are many roads and like to give people space to express their thoughts,after-all that's what dakine is...Aloha, James "Kimo" Rosen, Publisher.


Anonymous said...

Douglas dunn saisd via facebook;" I understand what you're saying and agree with the sentiment -- but I do hope that people aren't telling me to "rest in peace" anytime soon..."

KimoRosen said...

Doug, as long as I'm breathing it's OK!

Anonymous said...

Harmony said via facebook;"When your blog says, "Rest in Peace"..."Obama da Dog", I thought you meant Obama had died. Thank God, not!"

KimoRosen said...

No Obama Da Dog is frequent guest blogger as you know, and don't you mean Thank Dog!? ;D)