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Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Everyones enjoying Kauai's most precious asset..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

Kauai's multi-use trail  is the best use of taxpayer ever on
the cosmic garden Island....Aloha,

Check out my opinion article in the (12-30-12) edition of the Kaua'i Garden Island news,"In defense of the bicycle path."

In response to Mr. Micken's numerous opinion articles concerning his opposition to the multi-use trail...  I am surprised that  Mr. Mickens with the many articles on this matter  has not heard the following, or has he?

http://thegardenisland.com/news/opinion/mailbag/letters-for-saturday-december/article_b1655dce-4656-11e2-b858-001a4bcf887a.html   (The multi million white elephant)

Federal monies were  granted for the sole purpose for a multi-use trail and were granted for that  project and that project only.

Kaua'i could not had said, OK we'll use it on roads instead.  With that said if Kaua'i had refused the millions in federal money, another city somewhere else in America would had gotten the money. 

Every day I see, mothers jogging while pushing babies in carriages  dog-walkers, Seniors power walking, families, visitors, bicycle enthusiasts, tourists with rental bicycles supporting the local business's that rent bikes, , skateboarders, roller-bladers, roller-skaters and people in wheel chairs exercising their arms while others not able to use their arms  or legs using  their electric scooters and many average Joe's and Joe-Anne's just out enjoying  themselves and burning off some calories and breathing fresh ocean air all while  enjoying one of Kauai's most precious asset's.  

The Multi-use trail is the best use of taxpayer monies ever on the cosmic island of Kauai.


 check out my opinion article in the (01-04-13) Kaua'i Garden Island News, " A creative way to fill Congressional seats  also check out, "We can’t afford the bike path," a letter in response to this blog


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grazer said...

I'm wondering about the numbers behind this special windfall of taxpayer money that we are told can only be spent on (what has turned out to be) a very extravagant, expensive and controversial "Bike/Pedestrian Path"

Question: Was this special allocation a blank check??--That must be the case since that which was projected to cost, say, a million dollars per mile (x26 miles) has somwhow ended up costing (up to) 5 times that amount!---What kind of special project allocation is handed out that covers multi-million dollar blunders like that??

Something is dreadfully wrong with the math and reasoning behind this glitzy public project. It appears to me that a handful of screwups at the top have given birth an insatiable monster that a handful of people at the bottom will get a few miles out of before everybody finally comes to their senses.

KimoRosen said...

Grazer, I can look up the exact numbers, but so far the county has spent about 500,000 on the project, the rest of the money was all federal granted money, that was specifically granted for an alternative trail system. If Kaua'i had not got the grant it would had gone to another city somewhere else in America. In the case of grants you can't say, hey, I'd rather use that money on roads.

These trail systems are popular in many cities around the country. They are not meant to replace roads. we need more roads no question, in the mean time in the tied town of Kapa'a it';s nice seeing something of such magnitude in progress.

Chuck Lasker said...

Per Einstein meme,"If violent movies or games or television made us violent, don't you think out of 300 million people there would be more mass shootings and more death in the streets than we have? It's simplistic and easy to blame things like movies and television, just like people blamed long hair, short sleeves, rock and roll, and marijuana in the past because they were looking for easy answers."

KimoRosen said...

Per Einstein meme," You have to admit my buddy Einstein has a point, why would advertisers spend millions if air time did not work?"

Chuck Lasker said...

Per Einstein meme," First, Einstein didn't say that, as you know, and second, because the buzz around Super Bowl ads begins weeks before the Super Bowl and continues weeks after. The ads are played over and over and over in the media and online as people pick their favorites, all for free. If a 30 second ad could influence us so easily, companies would run one 30 second ad per week."

KimoRosen said...

Per Einstein meme," chuck, I know i was being facetious, obviously he didn't say that. however I do believe the quote. I was in advertising many years as Publisher of Alaska People magazine, I had clients pay thousands for full page ads, and yes it obviously works better on multiple runs or multiple showings, but the fact is advertising works, otherwise advertisers wouldn't spend millions on it..."

Chuck Lasker said...

Per Einstein meme," I agree. And advertising is designed to encourage specific actions. Do you think violent television shows, movies and video games are designed to get people to take up arms and commit violence in real life? On the contrary, they are designed to help assuage our violent natures (we are human still), just as porn assuages our sexual natures. If what you believe is true, we should simply imprison all military veterans because they HAVE been specifically trained in violence. Can't turn that off, right?"

KimoRosen said...

Per Einstein meme,"good points my friend...."