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Thursday, May 9, 2013

She Loves me, she loves me not..." James"Kimo" Rosen'

The question remains, does my dog love me?
"She loves me, she loves me not..."

She Loves Me, She Loves me Not

I love my dog and sometimes wonder how much she loves me. It's like the game we played when we were kids with plucking flower peddles repeating until all pedals are gone, "She loves me, she loves me not...."

Whenever friends come over and we see people on our walks that we know she gets so excited to see them, tail wagging crying and pure ecstasy.

 We are only separated on Mondays, besides that we go everywhere together, eat together, watch TV together, and just hang out together. She is my constant companion and I consider her my best friend.

I get upset when when I am gone for 4-6 hours and come home and she just looks at me, doesn't cry with excitement or wag her tail? I feed her, groom, her, pick up her poop, bathe her, care for her and I do not get the same recognition as friends?

This really bothered me until I did a little Googling research and found out the following;

"Your dog may see you as "Alfa" meaning the leader of the pack  and as just a pack member (or someone to play with). With wolves, no one messes with the Alfa, its not tolerated.. but the pack members are game. So maybe your pup is showing you that your dominant and she respects you."

"She sees me every day, and sees them rarely. So of course it's a more exciting event. Wanting my dog to respond enthusiastically to me when I enter the room is like asking my 9-year-old to jump up and down and squeal with excitement when I pick her up at school every day. Just doesn't make sense."

OK, at least my dog lights a cigarette after she kisses me and has thoughts of a train going through a tunnel. I guess she loves me after all.

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Renee Harden said...

I think dogs are "Angels" here in the physical realm as a way for us to experience a little bit of God's unconditional love for us...

KimoRosen said...

Renee, Amen to dat!

Harmony Bentosino said...

Good to understand the psychology of those we love. However, I really didn't understand your last paragraph. I geuess it's meant to be funny, but something passed me by.

KimoRosen said...

Symbolism in the old days of movies since they couldn't show sex back then, a very popular symbol was a train going through a tunnel as meaning lovers making it, and the ever famous after sex cigarette, yes it was a play on words, just meaning she loves me after-all... Here's what was said, "OK, at least my dog lights a cigarette after she kisses me and has thoughts of a train going through a tunnel. I guess she loves me after all." Get it now?