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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"War Against Life on Earth..." 'Bettejo Dux' (Classic Wednesday)

Bettejo Dux has lived on the cosmic Garden Island of Kaua'i for over 40 years...
Bettejo  is the author of the famed novella, "The Scam."
Her new book "Children of Extinction" will be out soon!

War Against Life on Earth

Surely there is no one reading this who does not know and respect the danger of misuse of pesticides and herbicides. Buy a can of bug spray, Round Up, and read the directions. An obvious suggestion: do not spray up the nose.

“…from the origins, chemicals have been a form of warfare. It is a war against the soil, against our reserves of fresh water, and against all microbes and insects that are necessary for the growing of healthy foods.” 1998 The Economist. 

It’s also been warfare against all life on earth.

The biotech giants today argue they are using a natural mutation. But introducing pesticides and herbicides artificially into plants is not, by any stretch of the imagination, anything nature has done since nature began. 

The biotech corn, grown on Kauai, is not raised for human consumption. It’s raised to feed bovine-beef and dairy-for human consumption. These cows are ingesting pesticides and herbicides. You eat their produce and you’re ingesting pesticides and herbicides.

Worse-Darwin gets involved- some weeds and pests become immune to the old toxins requiring that more and stronger toxins are needed to keep the plants alive. The biotech industry does not want to reveal what these new toxins are. Or how often they must be used. 

We, who breathe the air where these toxins are sprayed, breathe it in. We, who eat the beef and drink the milk products, ingest it. 

Good or bad? You decide.

KHON news ran my video of the worlds record of sabering 31 Champagne bottles. Mahalo to Joe Moore and the team at KHON! check it out!


Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared from Facebook...


Chuck Lasker said...

Chemikills! Because lack of understanding of chemistry is as good as science!

Joni Kamiya-Rose said...

All the meanwhile, organic growers of corn and spraying away tons of the same pesticides on the crops affecting the air quality and other bugs. Nature isn't nice to our food nor is it nice to us. Nature or us? It will be us fighting nature always.

Bettejo Dux said...

Louisa Wootens opinion article in The Garden island news , 06-06-14


Janet Nelsen and Chuck Lasker have both recently written letters regarding the benefits of GMO to farmers (Nelsen) and how farmers are on the side of GMO research (Lasker). Well, as a full-time farmer and scientist (farming is an applied science, after all), I can offer a very different perspective. First of all, there is no univ
ersal support for GMO science by “every major scientific organization on the planet, using peer-reviewed studies and data to defend their conclusions.” There have been at least an equal number of peer-reviewed studies with supporting data that have raised valid concerns about the safety of GMO farming and the stability of GMO crops in the environment. These are independent studies that are not financed by the chemical giants or the universities that these corporations fund.
As to farmers being “saved by GMO science,” you will get a different opinion from those wheat farmers in Idaho, Kansas, Oregon, and Washington who are suing Monsanto due to contamination of their crops causing them to suffer huge financial losses. As to the Rainbow Papayas being sold here as organic, this is fraudulent and should be reported to NOPCompliance@ams.usda.gov. It also speaks to the bigger issue which organic farmers (who are commercial farmers, by the way) face with GMO.
At our farm’s annual renewal for organic certification, our certifier requires affidavits that our papaya seeds, corn seeds, and soybean seeds are derived from non-GMO sources. If we want to save our own seeds, we have to have them tested. Consumers do not have to be “confused.” If and (only iff) your farmer is “Certified Organic”, you can know that they have met rigorous documentation and annual verification of their methods. They are inspected annually, and I do mean inspected Just ask to see their certificate.
No, the National Organic Program isn’t perfect, but the standards it sets are constantly being reviewed and improved. We are prohibited from using nicotine sulfate in organic production along with many other botanical poisons. GMO is an excluded method and is right where it belongs in the same class as radiation and sewage sludge. That is fact and not an “emotional rant.”
I am not sure on which “side” Mr. Lasker can stereo-type me. I am a “full-time farmer” and I am a “surfer.” I would like to be a “babe,” but I am too darned old and ugly. I guess Ms. Nelsen will call me “confused.”
Louisa Wooton, Kilauea

Bettejo Dux said...

I also want to thank the Editors of TGI for the delightful Rogers cartoon. I am a devout 'Micelle Obama Gastro-fascist.

Chuck Lasker said...

Bettejo - I stopped reading when you wrote, "as a full-time farmer and scientist (farming is an applied science, after all), I can offer a very different perspective." - You seem to be a full time everything. Let me ask, how many acres do you "farm?" And no, being a farmer is NOT the same as being a scientist. It's a ridiculous and ignorant thing to say. Why would I read anything you wrote after that?

KimoRosen said...

Chuck, Bettejo just copy and pasted Louisa Wooten's Letter to the letter in today's TGI. check it out; http://thegardenisland.com/.../article_779b32ee-ed53-11e3.

Bettejo Dux said...

Louisa Wooton, thank you for the letter.I always enjoy reading what you write.I support your cause int hat I buy your cheese , cookies, visit your delightful farm and have never seen--never--a kitchen so incredibly immaculate.
As for name callers? remember: 'they' are what 'they' call you.You are an intelligent, articulate, hard-working, delightful classy lady.
Bettejo Dux

Joni Kamiya-Rose said...

The general public has little to no clue where technology is going and why, yet these people are to be listened to? Sorry, opinions are opinions not fact or truth.