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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"A Priest And A Nun..." 'Obama Da dog' (Source)

Obama Da Dog  was born and raised on the island of Kaua'i.
She can be seen around Kapa'a  town with her best friend, James "Kimo" Rosen.

A Priest And A Nun

A priest and a nun are on their way back home from a trip when their car breaks down. They are unable to get it fixed, so they decide to spend the night in a hotel. The only hotel in the town has only one room available.

Priest: Sister, I don’t think the Lord would have a problem, under the circumstances, if we spent the night together in this one room. I’ll sleep on the lounge and you have the bed.

Nun: I think that would be okay.
They prepare for bed and each one takes their agreed place in the room. Ten minutes later…

Nun: Father, I’m terribly cold.
Priest: Okay, I’ll get you a blanket. (He does) 

Ten minutes later…

Nun: Father, I’m still terribly cold.
Priest: Okay Sister, I’ll get you another blanket. (He does)

Ten minutes later…

Nun: Father, I’m still terribly cold. I don’t think the Lord would mind if we acted as man and wife just for this one night. 

Priest: You’re probably right…get up and get your own damn blanket !!

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...


Chester "Unc" Lau said...

via Meme;

best way to save money is not to spend it.

Facebook comments on Life lessons said...

Facebook comments on Life lessons, meme;

You, Keith Haugen, Robin Luahiwa, Inshirah Mahal and 10 others like this.

Rick Comstock I call that "Housewife mentality" ... this is the most argued topic in our house..... Math by wife!
30 November at 23:51 · Unlike · 2

Ronald Ostroff My grandmother also Kimo's used to say when I would tell her how much money she saved when we went shopping "what money? Show me the money I saved. I have less money in my purse now than before.
1 December at 03:20 · Like · 2

Jaana Makipaa LOL! I've never been a "shopper," so it's very hard for me to relate to the "shopper mentality."
1 December at 08:00 · Unlike · 2

James Kimo Rosen Thanks Ron! Bubby said that? How cool is that!
1 December at 09:00 · Unlike · 1

Richard Fudeman But people feel better about spending when you tell them they're saving.
1 December at 10:01 · Unlike · 1

Barry Cohen T
Right on !
1 December at 12:20 · Unlike · 1

David Thompson I went to a school like that once, their concept was learn by spending.
13 hrs · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen Dave, I think I went to the same school?
12 hrs · Like

Robin Luahiwa exactly...
8 hrs · Unlike · 1

Pete Antonson If this catches on, we can call what's coming: "Kimo's Recession!"
1 hr · Unlike · 1
James Kimo Rosen

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