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Monday, December 7, 2015

"What a week it was..." James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #101)

James Kimo Rosen is the Blogger-n-chief
of dakinetalk blog and lives on the cosmic
island of Kaua'i with his spiritual advisor
Obama Da Dog!  

What a week it was

Two Dell towers on the
bottom right are both
out of commission, currently using
an old laptop along
with my iPhone to publish
this blog!  ;-)

This past week  my Dell tower 280,my favorite computer finally died on me. Thank G-d I did not die even though I was stung by a centipede or spider. This blog will concentrate on the computers since I now feel fine and did not croak.

 It was two years ago to the date that computer started acting up. I added a few programs such as   ad block  and presto everything was fine. I decided to buy a back up computer just for the day the computer might die. The computer finally dies.

 I plug in the back up and it's beeping, no image on the monitor, what shall I do? I called the guy I bought it from who is actually a computer repair guy. He said bring it over, I did. He looked at it and tried a few things, he said moisture-- you live so close to the ocean that moisture takes takes a toll on computers so he's fooling around with it he thinks he has it fixed then he doesn't have it fixed.

 I bring it home, plug it in everything seems fine, cool right? Then I realize  there's a short in the surge protector that runs both my computers, so now the computer he tried fixing which he didn't fix it has no chance of being fixed because it shorted out too...

I have a laptop computer that my neighbor was going to throw out five years ago, ironically it's the fastest computer I have it's a HP Pavilion and  at the time it was top-of-the-line the keyboard doesn't work so I have  an additional keyboard plugged into it-- however I am using it  as my main computer along with my iPhone that I never thought I needed.

Thank God, thank Darwin, thank whoever you want to thank, however I have the habit of backing everything up on memory sticks, therefore I lost hardly zero data except maybe two days worth of data, no biggie.

However I find myself searching craigslist for another Dell tower 280 to plug into my HD monitor, there's something about a large screen big computer that I just enjoy. It's somewhat of a dinosaur, it's somewhat like still using a rotary phone.

Call me a dinosaur, call me old-fashioned, however a good old Dell tower with a large HD monitor I'll take any day over any laptop or iPhone-- however I dictated this whole blog on my iPhone without typing a word! ( I know it shows!)

Therefore, Maybe I can survive without a Dell desktop tower even though I am the blogger-n-chief of a world renowned blog!  ;-)

Editors note;
My friend Kuuleialoha Johnson just recorded and published her awesome Chanukkah song! Go figure, a Chanukkah song debuts on Kaua'i! Check it out!

I just completed ten years of service as a volunteer board member for the United States Selective service. Should a draft ever be re-instated ---I am one of the people from my zip code that makes decisions on objectors. My 10 year service certificate of appreciation recently came in the mail. Read my blog, "Giving back to my country," about what I do for the United States Selective Service Board.


 If anyone knows of, or has a Dell desktop computer system for sale, please let me now!

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Judith Whitehead said...

My old lap top died. A few weeks ago. I too had backed it up. And put a whole new hard drive. It's an old computer. But not ready to throw the towel on yet. Working great now

Harmony Bentosino said...

I love my desktop & have never used a laptop.

KimoRosen said...

Harmony, nothing like a desktop!

Rosemary Pahl-Palmer said...

Good luck with that tower!

Harmony Bentosino said...

I like that selfie pix.

KimoRosen said...

which one?

Harmony Bentosino said...

The one that shows you looking out through your phone, & it lines up with the part not shown on your phone. You're wearing red, & it is at the bottom of this post.

KimoRosen said...

Thanks! wink emoticon

Bettejo Dux said...

Mine is doing the same thing. Lost my laptop. Deciding whether or not to buy another